Monday, November 2, 2009

To Play or Not to Play - That is the question

Dodgeball, a highly controversial game in today's physical education setting, is a game with multiple dangerous flaws in it. With just a few minimal adjustments to the rules it has the ability to return to its history of being one of the most played and revered games of physical education as a whole. One of the major controversies in dodgeball today is the fact that the game creates targets out of its participants. Most of all , when an individual in the game is eliminated from the game they must sit out and wait for the game to end. Instead of causing unwanted unoccupied time for the students to become restless and possibly even start to be mischievous , once someone is eliminated from the game they should either be placed in a jail that will allow them to catch balls from teammates to be released. In order for the game of dodgeball to be successful in the future, teachers must be innovative in their ability to manipulate the rules and regulations of everything that they teach so that they provide maximum enjoyment and physical exertion as possible.

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