Monday, October 26, 2009

Nanananananananana - BATMAN!!

With Gotham City in dire straits, team 5 - Alive rose to the occasion and introduced Batman tag as the last resort to ridding Gotham of the Joker and his other criminal acquaintances. For this week's Superhero themed lab , my group and I developed a tag game that would incorporate as much fun as possible , as well as go along with the theme of the day. In my opinion, this was to date, the most enjoyable lab day that I have taken part in so far, due to the fact that the children had an amazing time with us and wound up passing their enjoyment right over to us for the entire day. The game consisted of the students playing a conventional tag game , with the twist of one team being the criminals who would tag and cause the civilians to freeze until the team of Batmans would free them from jail with a soft ball that would cut the rope ties around their hands so that they can run away again. With the integration of specific themes into our lab environments I feel that the students will become even more enthused and will only react in a more positive way.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lab 1 Reflection

From participating in these labs at St. Mary's School , I feel as if I will gain so much more from this experience rather than any other I could take part in. From just sitting and talking to these students, you can easily see that they all have already developed their own personalities and will be sure to let you know how they feel. These one on one interactions help develop teaching and social skills at a much higher rate than in a classroom. You also have the ability to really see the differences in students capabilities throughout the different grade levels and genders. I also feel that since these students look up to us as older brothers and sisters it gives us an upper hand on getting into their world and further helping them succeed.