Monday, November 9, 2009


Bright and early I headed off to St. Mary's Pre-K class where I was able to observe the students behavior , as well as how they listened to their teacher's orders. What became evident at first was the way the students actually did listen to their teacher. As the day started, and more and more students arrived at the classroom , and the first thing they did was grab their first ditto they had to complete. They all started off with writing their name on five lines, and then progressed to coloring in different triangles, finally they ended with miscellanous animals that they had to color in. Once the students completed these three sheets ( some taking longer than other) they were then allowed to play freely until the entire class had arrived and finished their worksheets. It amazed me at how docile most of the children were in the morning, yet you still encounter some of the wilder ones as they warm up to you. This day gave me a great insight into the lives of teachers, as well as how the students perform in the classroom rather than playing with us in the gymnasium.

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  1. Good Jesse. Can you give me more examples of the interactions and how you will go about setting routines. Pictures please?