Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A!!!

For our final lab this semester my group was designated to organize the two equipment rooms they have at St. Mary's , as well as put together two extra shelves to create more open space. By the time we had finished with the closets they were immaculate with more open space then ever before. We were also given the task of performing a closing song for the last day of labs, and we chose the famous YMCA song and dance. The children reacted favorably to our song choice and dance and we all had a great ending to our fantastic semester and especially the amazing times we spent at St. Mary's and all the children that made our time there so rewarding.

Who's Got Skills????

For this lab we had to make sure that the activities that were played demonstrated the children's dribbling skills. My group and I devised a game that would really challenge the students ability to dribble in various tasking environments. We asked the students to bounce the ball inside of numerous hula hoops making sure they only used their fingerpads not their fingertips to dribble the ball. The children then had to walk on top of gymnastics pads and bounce the ball on the side to vary the levels of the activity, finally the kids were forced to dribble underneath a soft foam tube, which was much more congitively demanding for the children. Everytime they would repeat the task I would constantly make it lower for them and challenging them more and more so that they would not be able togo through the entire course without having to perform the tasks we asked of them.

Bounce, Bounce , Bounce

For this lab day , my group and I created an obstacle course for the students to take part in. We set up numerous environments for the children so that the activity would be fun and entertaining for them and remain that way until we decided to change it up a little bit. Our activity required the children to crawl through a tunnel , bounce a ball on star spots, as well as bounce on an over sized ball from one end of the obstacle course to the other in order to start. The students reacted very well to our variations in this activity and kept their attention at all times. We also placed targets at the end of the obstacle course for the children to attempt to hit the center in order for an added bonus at the end.