Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who's Got Skills????

For this lab we had to make sure that the activities that were played demonstrated the children's dribbling skills. My group and I devised a game that would really challenge the students ability to dribble in various tasking environments. We asked the students to bounce the ball inside of numerous hula hoops making sure they only used their fingerpads not their fingertips to dribble the ball. The children then had to walk on top of gymnastics pads and bounce the ball on the side to vary the levels of the activity, finally the kids were forced to dribble underneath a soft foam tube, which was much more congitively demanding for the children. Everytime they would repeat the task I would constantly make it lower for them and challenging them more and more so that they would not be able togo through the entire course without having to perform the tasks we asked of them.

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